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Come to ask and answer filmmaking questions

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  • Come to ask and answer filmmaking questions

    Hey people.

    I want to invite you to a filmmaking q&a site - but please note I don't have any connection to this site - I just really want this site to work as I'm looking for good filmmaking q&a site for a long time.

    Please help supporting it by 'following' the proposal and submitting interesting filmmaking questions.

    It's a community driven q&a site where you can gain reputation by asking smart questions and giving smart answers. It's a part of stack exchange which has lots of different Q&A site (all free and ad-free).

    btw high-reputation users might be able to promote thier own site (also for example) as they can add a url to their profile.

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    Meh, after giving this some thought and see that this is your first post and only post, I dont see a purpose is allowing this to be advertised here, you are posting this for the purpose of traffic to a filmmaking Q/A sub-website. Website removed
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