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  • General Equipment Help/Discussion Thread

    I am pretty much positive I have not seen one of these on the forum.

    I think it is a great idea to have one of these handy.

    Basically this thread will be dedicated to people who don't fully know what they need when it comes down to equipment for shooting their film. Also if you have a specified list of the equipment you have, please post it here for new filmmakers so they can see what we use to film with.

    Post away guys.

    Any questions! Feel free to ask.

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    What is the "these" you're talking about? This forum thread?

    But on the subject of equipment--I get asked all the time--from clients to rivals..."what camera do [I] use?"

    I'll answer them politely--but I've known for over 20 years that it's not the tools I use--it's how I use them.

    Besides, everyone has different goals...different budgets. There is no one equipment list that fits all.

    I've been lucky enough in the past few years to make enough money to afford more expensive [but only "better" in their own way] gear.

    That wasn't true when I began making films-->ahem<--well, a long time ago. I started out with verrr-rry basic equipment, but with a knowledge of film and filmmaking.

    I just made a deal with a client that will allow to me really expand my equipment list in the coming months--but that list is based on my business/client needs and my/their budget.

    So, to fine tune this thread, maybe ask:

    What's your budget--and your goal?

    Then those with experience can chime in with helpful advice.

    Kurt Hathaway
    VikingDream7 Productions
    Video Production & Editing



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      Yes. I was speaking about a general thread for these kind of questions.


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        This guys channel has a lot of good info

        [ame=]My youTube video Camera kit and Setup - Beginners Guide - YouTube[/ame]


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          On the subject of youtube channels:

          I've found the Frugal Filmmmaker's channel and Film Riot's channel extremely enlightening. There's another specializing in FX--BackYard FX, I think?

          I'm very much a do-it-yourselfer kinda guy--in life --and in my film/video endeavors. I come from a special FX background from the old Super-8 film days...drawn animation, stop-motion, etc.

          So, I'm often making my own camera-support gear. Those channels go a long way with those kinds of ideas. If you're good with tools, you can save a ton of money by getting dirty and creative.

          I currently use a home-made body rig at live events--mostly concert shoots--that always attracts attention. It's an amalgam of ideas I found on the 'net--but tailored to my specific needs {I.E. operating a camera for 6 hours--on my feet}.

          I've never used it on a dramatic shoot {takes, actors, etc}...but It would probably come in handy there, a supplement to tripod shots, etc. I also use it on fashion shoots to capture behind-the scenes video.

          In addition, I built a slider that's more of a mini-dolly that uses 8-skateboard wheels for stability. Works great.

          But I'm afraid I'm getting off topic, sorta.

          Bottom line to those just starting out--get a decent camera that has a microphone jack... within your budget, get a separate audio recorder [or at least mikes that can be plugged to your camera].

          From there: get a variety of mics--shotgun, lavalier, etc...again, depending on your needs.

          From there you can branch out to lights, gels, etc.

          And from there: dollies, jibs, sliders, green screens, etc.

          It's not a cheap hobby or profession, but the technology today makes the results come so much faster [and cheaper]. I love that I can make a dissolve on my mac--rather than send the film out to a lab--and wait several days.

          Kurt Hathaway