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    "When you hit rock bottom, don't worry - it can get a lot worse."

    Wing Man is a hilarious Romantic Comedy by Writer and Producer Joshua Hall and first time writer Jake Kocorowski. It is a perfect guide for searching for love in all the wrong places.
    Written in the summer of 2006, the high concept piece is, "The 40 Year Old Virgin" meets "American Wedding," or "The Hangover" meets "Saving Sarah Marshall."
    (Joshua Hall)

    Though inexperienced in the Hollywood world, Joshua rose to the occasion and shopped it around when he first landed into Hollywood in 2007. He got the project into the hands of Gary Weinberg, from Alpine Pictures, whom at the time had relationships with HBO and Lionsgate. About a month later, Gary and Joshua spoke about the script, but were unable to fund it at the time. Josh moved on to a horror project.
    In 2010, Josh prosed Wingman into a TV pilot and spoke with various agencies and producers to get it done. When it was all said and done, Josh spent his own money on the Pilot… $4000.00! The Pilot didn’t go anywhere but the project was done and is available at the link below.
    Joshua moved back into the horror genre, working with other artists getting a horror film off the ground. Josh wrote a fictional UFC script and was offered the opportunity to write a biography project based on the life of UFC star Anthony Pettis. Josh began working with Entertainment Attorney Carey Borth, to get this produced among other projects.
    On a whim, in December of 2012, Joshua showed Carey his original script. Carey loved it, after she found herself laughing out loud a few pages into it. She felt it offers a terrific viewpoint of men in the dating world. It is definitely a male bonding type story: four good friends are in different scenarios of their dating and marriage lives. All are looking for positive changes.
    As presently written, the film takes place in urban Chicago.
    The project is in the development stage, and it should be a smash hit with movie goers…..

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