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  • Copyright issue ?

    Hi all,
    i'm currently writing a script and designing related material regarding a stop motion project i'm hoping to see finished one day.

    the issue is the main subject of the film which is the history of the cinema district in Sydney's CBD. i assume that for me to reproduce a miniature set of any commercial building with it's name present Eg; Hoyts entertainment centre is some sort of violation.
    obviously i could change the names of everything but if i can find a way to avoid this i'd be grateful. i should mention that none of the related venues even exist anymore.
    BTW here's a current character i've been working on.
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    My advice since this is a legal matter is to seek legal council with an entertainment and ip lawyer they will be able to tell you more than people on here what you can and can't do when it comes to that. I personally can't offer you any advice on it and I wouldn't attempt to do so because I wouldn't want to be held liable with you if my advice was wrong.


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      Getting legal counsel is always a safe bet. But it's not free.

      If you're writing about HISTORY of the cinema district in Sydney, then you're on pretty safe ground. This is more a bio/documentary than a fictional story. If you have an antagonist who is real and you defame them, they'll probably sue you. The people on a building you might have to worry about is advertisers. Unless of course the company is no longer in business.

      If you're making this yourself (I'm guessing micro/lo budget) worry about it when the lawsuits hit, if they hit. Getting a movie seen on such budgets is hard, and chances are that if someone sees it whose familiar with the originals is going to be flattered or not care at all. They might even congratulate you if you make the miniatures look realistic and come off nicely.

      I know it's always "professional" to get all the proper documentation and okays when doing anything artistic. But, you're not stealing a minute loop from a copyrighted song and claiming it as your own. You're reproducing buildings and I don't think anyone is going to be running to a lawyer for something so trivial. Remember also, they'd have to feel they could get something out of you if they won. If you're at a forum asking these questions, they probably can't.

      Go be artistic.


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        Thanks for taking the time to reply folks