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Declining the new smartmeter electric company

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  • Declining the new smartmeter electric company

    Ok I know this doesn't have anything to do with film, but its kind of the only place I can create some online info on what I did. This has to do with the electric company (Edison) and the new smart meters they are installing.

    So my electric meter is on the front left side of my house, and after a 5-6 inch wall is my babies room, which is due January 5th.

    I am home for lunch and my door bell rings. I open the door and no one is there, but my dog in the back is barking like crazy which he normally does when the meter reader is here. So I go to the side of my house and say hello to the man with a safety vest on. I asked if I could help him with something and he said that he was just making his rounds to install the new Smart Reader.

    I said, "Ok, do I have an option to decline this new smart meter, because I want to do a little more research on them before it gets activated right next to my babies room."

    He Said, "Yes you can, but there will be an $80 charge on your next bill, and you will have to pay $10 a month for the old one"

    I then asked him "what would have happened if I didn't answer the door?" He said "they would have put it on without my consent"

    Long story short, I still have my old meter until I confirm the new smart meters are safe right next to my babies room.


    You can decline the new meters: "If you are present" - Im not sure if you can call and say you don't want it, but I dont see why not

    You have to call after you decline to make sure they take you off the list for adding the new smart meters.

    You will be charged $80 for keeping the old one, and $10 a month to maintain it.

    Again, sorry this is not film related, I just wanted to share my story
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    These meters aren't just a thing you're having to deal with. We had to deal with it here in Texas too. We were home and they just shut our power off. No knock on the door or anything. Not time to shut our pcs down etc. I was very upset to say the least.