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Ugh! Newbie needs help picking a budget friendly camera! Canon T2i?....

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  • Ugh! Newbie needs help picking a budget friendly camera! Canon T2i?....

    I travel a lot and enjoy filming my adventures as documentaries, plus more.
    I'm stuck as to what sort of camera I should purchase. I've done a lot of research on Canon T2i and it looks absolutely stunning.. even the short films and travel films fit my interest with style and detail.. Also, the kit lens seems amazing and good enough for the time being.

    Does anyone suggest any other camera for my interests and adventures?

    I'm a newbie..

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    Nowadays there are amazing camera for a good price. What is your budget?
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      I'm trying to stick below 1000 dollars. Since the Canon T2i is around 400-500, i'd like to stay around that number.

      Since I'm new I'd like to have something that's easy to edit with, but with great quality.
      I fell in love with the short films on youtube filmed with the T2i. Couldn't find anything better... however the addons are pretty damn costly. I feel like the kit lens would be good enough to start out with if the final decision is that.
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        To my knowledge you need an external mic for the Canon T2i. The onboard sound is bad from what I understand.
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