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Question about an Indiegogo campaign--can we seek funds just for preproduction?

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  • Question about an Indiegogo campaign--can we seek funds just for preproduction?

    We are getting ready to launch a campaign, but our question is how much to ask for and how to parse it out.
    Here's what I mean.

    Say we have a budget of $ 3.5 million. About 1.5 for production, 1.5 for post ( a lot
    of animated sequences mixed with live action). We are thinking about funding just the preproduction of $ 500,000 through Indiegogo. Is this a reasonable idea? Does it make sense? If we succeed there can we do campaigns for production and post? We have other sources of funds, including grants and corporate sponsors, but don't want to ignore the individual donor route.

    Please don't reply with heavy criticism of our budget or ask a lot of specific questions about it. Just know that have a line item budget and a professional team. We wouldn't be using Indiegogo or any cloud funder if we didn't think that the subject matter of our project wouldn't appeal to a very broad spectrum of the American population.

    I would appreciate any words of wisdom.


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    Unless you have a track record as a filmmaker and name talent, I think it's very unlikely that you'll be able to raise anywhere near $500k on Indiegogo. Also, since Indiegogo is a gift not an investment with an anticipated return, it won't matter to donors if the project will appeal to a broad segment of the population. But kudos to you if you do succeed.

    There's nothing intrinsically wrong with doing follow up campaigns for other needs, but you would probably need to tap new supporters, which would require developing or increasing your fan base during production.
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      It's hard to give you a good answer on this without any more details. Different projects call for different amounts for crowd-funding.

      I helped crowd-fund for a short film, and we asked for around $3000 I think. We tried our best to campaign it, and didn't do too badly. About half was given to us by family and friends though, which isn't ideal really. We also had to put in some of our own money to get it across the line (otherwise you don't get the funding - Indiegogo is different of course, where you don't have to reach the target).

      With the amount you mentioned.. you would need a very good plan as to how you're going to market it to people. And a bit of luck too. If you've got a previous following on social media, that's a huge step in the right direction. If not (or even if you do), work out why people need to see this - what will make them hungry for it.

      You mentioned animated sequences mixed with live action.. I'm intrigued already. Maybe we can help you further!