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Looking to produce a short or low budget

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  • Looking to produce a short or low budget

    not looking anymore....
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    We are working on a short and we are preparing a crowdfund campaign.
    However, since practicely no venue is willing to pay to screen a short, there is little return on investment to be expected: revenue on YouTube is not easy and only gets substatial in the 10M+ views range, selling the short on a disc after the crowdfunding will also be hard, because people mostly want to watch them for free online.

    We would love to take your money, but we expect no real profit.
    We are aiming at getting it into the spotlights, building a fanbase and making it possible to apply for grants.
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      not looking anymore
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        So the shorts you are looking for should be like a proof of concept where your ROI comes when the feature gets funded?


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          not looking anymore
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            Here i got amazing info how to finance your short film - blog/finance-your-short-film/


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              I'm involved in a project that is a Hollywood project. It has a 7 figure budget. Our production company needs to come up with "first money" in order for the Hollywood investors to cover the rest. Once we have those funds the Hollywood investors are ready to cut a check for the rest. The project is shooting in Kentucky where 30% of the budget is reimbursed up front, which means each investor gets 30% of their investment back when shooting starts.

              You said you could go to $150k. That would get us real close to the $200K that we need to raise.

              It is written by Kerry Fleming, who co-wrote (with Victor Miller, the writer of the original Friday the 13th) and produced "Rock, Paper, Dead," which has been receiving rave reviews. It will have a Hollywood cast, including a big name or two. If you are interested please feel free to contact me by private message and I could provide some more info and provide contact info for the people you need to speak with, who can provide all the details.



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                Me and my crew are working on a short. It's a novel concept and we intend submitting to Film Festivals and cinemas. About $100k will give us a standard work. Consider your donation as an investment that will yield dividend. Let me know if you're interested. Email me Derrickugwuegbu[at]