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Finding Comparative Films with a $2K-$3K Production Budget for a Business Plan.

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  • Finding Comparative Films with a $2K-$3K Production Budget for a Business Plan.


    I'm writing a business plan for a series of what could be considered "ultra-low budget films" that I want to produce for about $200,000 to $300,000 each. To attract some investors, I want to put together a forecast for these movies' potential revenue. To do that, I'm supposed to compare how films similar to mine in genre, theme, budget, etc., performed when they were released.

    But it's hard to find, searching online, comparative films that were made at that budget, along with their box office and other revenue information. Sites like IMDb, BoxOfficeMojo and The Numbers have been helpful at finding movies that are comparative in genre, theme, etc., but not that budget. Those movies had budgets that were far, far higher.

    Perhaps I'm not using effective enough search terms in Google. Or maybe I just haven't seen the right website, yet?

    Do I need to hire someone who may have "insider information" specifically for this task. If yes, who? (I prefer to not hire someone just for this, but will consider it if that's really the best option.)

    Also, many sources online are focused on domestic theatrical box office receipts. That's a good start but what about revenue from other media and territories, such as streaming, disc sales and revenue from outside the US and North America? Where are the sources I can turn to for that information?

    Those who put together a successful plan for low budget films: how did you handle the forecasting and comparisons?