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***You have to read this guys/gals very unique situation!***

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  • ***You have to read this guys/gals very unique situation!***

    Ok im brand new to the forum (hi all) and here is where I am at.

    * Between my director, Dp and the rest of my team they have help make several 100 million dollar blockbuster movies, worked with A listers like Tom Hanks, Jim Carey and Angelina Jolie, won a emmy, successful tv shows both in the past and currently.

    * We have a huge following for our demographics as in hundreds of people line up to hear me speak and was most popular at several conventions.

    * We have some huge name stars that want to join but do not want us to publicley say anything until we get financing.

    * So for my first movie I jumped over nearly all the hurdles and now we are close to finalizing the website and investor packets.


    1. So what websites can I upload our film info to get financing? We are looking in the 1-2 million range.

    2. Does any have any sites or information regarding what % to give investors and specific details they get for investing both in the front end and backend?

    I have searched for hours and all the investor sites I see do not invest in films? Why is this information so hard to find. Any advice would be appreciated I worked over 2 years nearly everyday just to get to this point so any advice would be nice!

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    You will have a very difficult time getting any investors since you have no experience nor knowledge about these things. By that, I mean even if you get dinner with interested investors they will see you as someone doing this for the first time (I believe it is) without the knowledge nor resources to be able to do it successfully. They will probably walk away before the first course is served.

    Especially with the kind of money you are talking about, you need to be able to speak with investors very intelligently so that they know their money is being invested wisely, and that their risk is reduced somewhat because of this.

    With all the high end connections you have they should be able to put you in contact with a person who can do this for you, with experience, and likely even their own connections. The person speaking to the investors has to have all the information for all their questions ready on the tip of his/her tongue in order to provide confidence in the investment.

    I believe you have a long way to go before you are ready to approach investors.....unless a high end member of your group can provide the person to do that for you.



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      American Film Market?
      Cannes Film Market?
      There are investors looking for movies. And one of the most common questions is: "Who is attached?"
      Different invaestors might want different percentages. Depends on risk and whatever they want.
      What return on investment do you expect?

      A huge following of hundreds is nothing to them unless there are people among them they trust.


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        From what I recall Sam Raimi approached a very bored group of Dentists'~