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Crowdfunding: When a national tragedy hits in the middle of your campaign

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  • Crowdfunding: When a national tragedy hits in the middle of your campaign

    We recently launched an Indiegogo campaign one week before the Orlando tragedy.

    We followed all the recommendations for film including setting up our teams, building out the perks, having updates every day including videos and photos, we even made interviews with our cast and crew. We sent emails the first few days then followed up with Social Media and expanded from there. Our plan looked through and complete.

    Everything was going great after that first week and then Orlando happened. The world paused and so did we. We all took time to reflect on what is important in life. Our movie also has gun violence in it so we were not going to push it in peoples faces during such an important discussion in the social media world.

    So we waited 1 week, now its been 2 weeks and things never recovered on our campaign. So much attention had been rightfully focused onto the tragedy - we were not prepared with a plan to pull people back into what we were doing. We tried to pick up the conversation again and started posting - but a lot of our network team members were distracted as well.

    Nobody can plan for every situation - but its something to think about when you work so hard on your Crowdfunding project and then something like this happens. What is your backup plan in case of a major new or world event?

    We have 1.5 weeks left in our campaign - we decided to do a strong push to our local press for the last week and we have an article coming out in our local papers next week. We are hoping this will help bring in some of the extra support we lost mid-stream.
    Our other option is to lengthen the campaign but Im not sure that is the way to go?
    Does anyone have any opinions on extending the time of the campaign?
    Or just ending it and moving on to the next phase of fund raising?
    What are some ideas that people could use to prepare for something like this?

    here is a link to our Indiegogo campaign page if you want to check it out.