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Financing Lowkey Films' Next Short Film-Infinite.

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  • Financing Lowkey Films' Next Short Film-Infinite.

    Hello All,

    Lowkey Films is a film production company based in Surrey which was started up over two years ago. We have had world-wide releases for our last short film 'Wander', which is still touring film festivals presently, and have received great reviews from industry professionals as well.

    We are now starting our next big project, 'Infinite', which is being backed by the camera company ARRI, as well as this we have interest from very established actors who have been a huge part of independent British cinema over the last year. We are looking for funding from both companies and of course through the filmmaking network to help us realise the project. We have set up a Kickstarter campaign, if you would be interested in meeting us and helping with our next project then please get in touch. Here is a link to the page where you can donate:

    If you wanted to contact us directly then please either send us a message via Film Maker Forum or through our website:


    Jamie Gamache
    Lowkey Films | Producer