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  • Financing feature length film

    How does a beginner film maker like myself finance a full feature length film ? I've tried running campaigns on indiegogo and kickstarter, but what I've discovered is that those platforms don't really work unless you have a huge following through social media. Any suggestions on this matter would be a huge help. I've also thought about looking for investors, but wouldn't know where to start.

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    Hello Smart player,

    I can't answer your question, as I am in the same boat. However I have made a discovery of my own. There was a video on YouTube that came out one year ago called "Kung Fury" . Surprisingly this video is the first of only ten videos on the channel it was uploaded to. I did a little more research and discovered that they didn't have a Facebook page at all. But they were able to raise $630,000 in order to fund their film, which you can view for free on YouTube here: . The trailer to the film is different and I can see how it would gain popularity quickly, however there is one thing that this film has that most people don't. Somehow they were able to create a music video with David Hasselhoff in order to further promote the film. Which in the long run is easier than trying to build a following over the course of many years like Freddie Wong did.

    I've been thinking very seriously about getting Taylor Swift to do a music video with me, but I doubt that will work out.

    I would encourage you to do your own research about "Kung Fury" and how they went about promoting it.


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      Welcome to the forum. First thing to remember about financing a film is you are not a known film maker. That means more than you can imagine. Investors invest in films for one purpose. To make money. Film investors know who will make money and who wont. The ones who wont are the unknown film makers. Yes, once or twice a decade a nobody strikes gold with a successful film (Blair Witch Project, Roger and Me) but for the most part indie film makers are doomed to go to pay per view or direct to DVD with their first few films, and that's if they are lucky. For these reasons, forget about investors. They are not going to give you money. This is why Kickstarter and Indiegogo were created. Crowd funding is people giving money to projects who are giving because they want to see it made and do not expect a return other than the perks and their name in the credits. The way to get noticed on crowd funding sites is exactly as you saw. Get a facebook page and a youtube page for your film and promote it. Also oyu need a great trailer that shows your work. I see Kickstarter pages that have no backing, total failures and you can see right away why. They have no trailer. If you are lucky, there is a video of a couple guys talking about the film and oozing green the entire time. Many times you wont even see a video of any kind. Are you going to give your money to people so lazy they cant be bothered to put up a trailers of sales pitch video? I sure wont. Now look at the film projects that are 140% funded and you will see a great trailer and a sales pitch.

      Lastly remember who you are and what you are capable of. Don't reach for the stars with a feature film that is going to take 50 grand to shoot. Its likely you will never shoot that film. Robert Rodriguez shot his first feature film (El Mariachi) for 7 grand and it made him a Hollywood success.

      Good luck


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        Thanks for the help guys : )