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Buying equipment - help!

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  • Sara Seral
    started a topic Buying equipment - help!

    Buying equipment - help!

    Hi there,

    I'm currently trying to set up my own film business. I've worked as a researcher for a local TV station, and I'm doing contract work for them at the moment. I'd like to set up my own business, but ironically lack any of the equipment as I'd previously worked as a theatre director, and didn't need that sort of thing! I've been able to use the TV company's equipment for their things, but have none of my own and obviusly can't take theirs home to use for my own projects.

    In six week's I'll be paid 1,200 for a documentary that I'm working on. I need a camera and a decent laptop for editing, etc. I have no equipment at all and not much of an income at the moment. Can I get at least half decent equipment for the money I'll have? I have something I want to shoot, and soon, so I don't want to wait until the winter.

    Is it possible to get the items I need with the money I have? Does anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Mick Scarborough
    If you stick with a PC and not a MAC, yes. You can buy a decent Windows based laptop with power to edit (not heavy CGI) for around $1000 USD (640) to $1200 (766). Then you can pick up a Canon DSLR T5i for around $650 (415). The problem is you still need lighting and sound equipment if you want to make even half decent films and you will need editing software. This will put you way over the 1200 limit you set.

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