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  • Need a financier for a film

    I've recently pitched my script "The Void" to a production company who is interested, but needs me to have financing before they can discuss further. Does anyone have any tips on how I can raise the funds or find an investor? If anyone is interested in helping in anyway here's some of the pitch to give you an idea of the script. Thanks in advance. Contact me if you want in on the project.

    I'm writing this pitch to see if your company is interested in representing my feature script called The Void. It's a three location film set mostly in an apartment, one scene in a bar, and a small graduation. It has five main characters, one being animated. It's The Evil Dead meets Jacob's Ladder but with a gay female protagonist. Below is the log line and synopsis.

    Genre: Comedy/Horror

    Log Line: A young woman, down on her luck, injects herself with a hallucinogen drug so she can talk to inter-dimensional beings about what's wrong with her life.


    Jonna is a slacker who hates her existence. She lives at home with her father who continuously nags her about her drinking problem. She can't stand her job due to all the disrespect she receives and her girlfriend is no better. She doesn't respect Jonna and she always leaves Jonna in last place. Jonna believes the world is out to get her and she doesn't know why. This leads her to inject herself with DMT.

    She learned that if you take enough you can encounter inter-dimensional beings that will interact with you. Soon she experiences trips of the pleasuring kind until she meets The Worm. Soon after she gets attacked by her possessed father and has no choice but to kill him. She blames The Worm for what she had to do, but The Worm explains it isn't the culprit.

    Jonna is informed that she is trapped in The Void; a place between reality and the trenches of the human mind. She doesn't know who to trust and she can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. She must find a way to fight through her demons and escape The Void before it consumes her forever.

    The script contains strong violence, dark comedy, drug use, gore, strong language, and strong sexual content.

    Notes about the script -

    It's a horror/comedy in the same vein as The Evil Dead, John Dies at the End, and Hatchet but has a Jacob's Ladder feel to it. It breaks the fourth wall through-out the script and has its own drinking game viewers can play while watching the movie at home. The drinking game is used as a comedic device and interaction with the audience.

    Other character descriptions -

    The Father - He's the controlling type that is always on Jonna's back about her drinking problem. Once she takes the drug he becomes a figure of her imagination and looks at her as a disappointment. This is how Jonna thinks he really feels.

    The Mother - She's dead in the script, but surfaces due to Jonna's imagination. She breaks her down mentally and tries to get her out of The Void.

    Kara - A friend of Jonna that gave her the drug. She appears at the end, but gets beat up by Jonna because she thought she wasn't real. She has a sarcastic attitude that makes her a likable character.

    The Worm - An inter-dimensional being that spends most of his time in a vodka bottle. He spends most of the script messing with Jonna's head, but she realizes later on he is trying to help her out The Void. They align together to fight her demons and escape.

    The script is available upon request.

    Thank you,