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Military Documentary Funding?

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  • Military Documentary Funding?

    Good evening folks, So I have a pretty novice question. What is the best way to get funding for a film. And on top of that. How do you know how much to budget for a film.

    I am asking because I am pre-approval to do a military documentary from the US Army and would like to see it get funded and to be able to move forward with this. However I have never been the person to get the funding, nor the person to figure out how much of a budget is needed.

    I was thinking one way to get started is to speak to Go Pro and see if they would sponsor with some cameras.

    Give me all the suggestions you can think of and even if you would like to be a part of this I would love to build the crew up.

    Thanks in advance. Joshua- Dadswell
    Joshua Dadswell
    Creator of Axes Cases
    Production Efficiency Services

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    If the documentary is something that could promote the military, than why not ask for money from the military themselves? It's not likely that they would just give you money, but it also couldn't hurt to ask. When doing this make sure you give them a detailed outline of what you want your documentary to be like and why you are qualified to make it. You could try asking camera companies, but they are not likely to fund it either. As much as I hate to say it, crowdfunding may be your best option. It is very challenging, but with your subject matter if you do it right, then it just might work. Start by trying the previous two methods, and then try crowdfunding if those people say no to giving you money. On your crowdfunding campaign, make a video where you introduce yourself and what you plan to do. Make sure to make it sound like a documentary that needs to be made, and gain the support of military members themselves. Good luck, because crowd funding is a tough way to make money but may be your only option.