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Grants/Loans For Starting a Production Company

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  • Grants/Loans For Starting a Production Company

    My friend and myself have decided we want to take the next step in our film careers. We are both at the Junior level in college and we are both majors in Advertising. We love what we do, whether its graphic design, social media, video production, etc. So we got a small client and got our business license and we now have an official business in the state of WV.

    The money isn't bad, but its nothing to really help with a business. Though we are more of an advertising agency at the moment, we want to move more towards commercial work, music videos, state/federal videos and short films. We have some equipment, but would love to expand. We 100% believe we can knock the two "large and popular," production companies out of business in this state. We both interned at the biggest one here in WV for a year and we just know we can compete with them.

    My big question is this:

    Where do we get up the start up money? Not really for a space, but more for equipment, advertising, etc. Are grants available? Private investors? Small/ reliable/easy loans?

    We want to try to stay away from loans, but I know its always an option. Since we are young and just starting though it may be a problem.

    Again though, the main reason we want to do this is because we have worked for the competition, did lots of work for them and we KNOW we can compete here.

    Any help is appreciated!