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  • Short Horror Film - Financing

    This coming June we're shooting an 'outbreak' genre film in the vein of 28 Days Later that follows a group of lifelong friends living in a quarantined state.

    We have a talented cast attached. These are established actors who you already know or will know by this fall if you watch NBC.

    Our plan is to use this short film to raise funding to either finish it as a feature film or as an episodic series. We can put it into the right people's hands.

    Please PM or email (derekweissbein[at] if interested in learning more about cast members, crew, the project in general, or if you'd like to read the script.


    An outbreak of a deadly virus forces California residents to quarantine themselves in their homes. The virus induces a radical shift in temperament, devolving them to their most primal instincts, however they may not be void of emotion. With military checkpoints all along the coast of California, civilians can migrate weekly to pick up their supply of food and water; the latter being of utmost importance.

    Our story focuses on a young group of friends who have known each other their entire lives, save for one girl, REGAN, a relatively new addition to this lifelong clique. Regan is quickly learning that these are the type of friends that know each other inside and out... their strengths, their fears, their personal demons, and their deepest, darkest secrets. Regan, however, has never felt this connection, this camaraderie with a group of people before. She’s still just getting used to having that connection with her boyfriend, TIM.

    This group has been holed up in the top floor of a duplex for weeks. They have remained completely safe from the infected and have seen little to no virus symptoms in themselves... So they think. Having remained inside their cozy apartment with the luxuries of modern technology and entertainment, they have yet to be exposed to the near post-apocalyptic surroundings.

    When Regan and Tim arrive back with supplies from the nearby military checkpoint, they inform the others that their city is dry and have been asked to migrate four hours north to the next checkpoint. The group has mixed feelings about taking the drive, which causes much anxiety for a few of the friends. The heightened stress level accelerates one member’s symptoms to the point of no return; leading our lifelong friends to see the effects of the virus firsthand forcing each person to evaluate what it means to survive.

    Here's a link to a short film from the director:

    Kickstarter: APEX by Cory Braun — Kickstarter

    Cory Braun is an award-winning filmmaker.
    Derek Weissbein is an optioned screenwriter.
    The cast is nationally and internationally known.
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    Checking out the links now
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      Hi Nick long time its Rick from Coalinga , Westhills hey if you need any actors you know me I love to help and like Horror movies and I can play a bad guy good and also help with make up or boom any thing to help as you know i have been in film in the old school the 70s and 80s but still have film in me ok thank you or if you know any one coming up he to shoot let them know about me thanks Richard Hill


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        2-Time Emmy Winner - SFX Make-Up Artist, Dean Jones

        We're proud to announce that the two-time Emmy Winning Special Effects Make-Up Artist Dean Jones has signed onto our project to create our creatures!!!

        We had our first meeting with him yesterday at his studio and he blew us away!

        We are having our first cast read-thru on Monday, start production on June 4th!

        Dean Jones IMDB:
        Dean Jones - IMDb

        APEX by Cory Braun — Kickstarter