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How can I raise money for a short film?

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  • How can I raise money for a short film?

    I made an Indiegogo campaign yesterday and posted it to Facebook and sent it to some friends but no one is interested in helping out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to raise money?

    P.S. Help if you want. Please.

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    I just looked at your Indiegogo campaign, and there are some things that I feel might keep potential donators away.

    1. No video

    A video for a crowdfunding campaign is an absolute must, especially if it is for a short film/feature/webshow etc.

    You will not be able to get people to donate on the basis of your idea alone. Most succesful crowdfunding campaigns for short films or features are started by people who already have a sizeable portfolio of content produced, and therefore a sizeable fanbase of people who know who they are, are familiar with their work and therefore would be willing to donate money to see more of their work.

    But even if you haven't filmed or produced anything in your life, at least put up a video of yourself talking about this particular project and why you need to make it.

    Now you only have a single picture and a little bit of text. Honestly my first impression was "If they can't bother to even shoot a video for their crowdfunding campaign, how do I know they would bother to film the short film if they get the money?"

    2. Very little description

    There is only a single sentence about your short film, a short synopsis. If you don't have a video, you should at least write more about the project.

    In fact you write much more about your feature idea than about this short.

    3. Money being asked for buying gear

    This is something that divides a lot of people. Many believe that crowdfunding campaigns should only be for money you need for a single project, like equipment rental, location fees, food, lodging etc. etc.
    If you are raising money specifically to buy equipment, that means that you get to keep that equipment even after that particular project wraps, in fact you even write about how you are going to use that equipment to film your feature. You write much more about the equipment and the feature than about the short film, which is confusing. Do you want to make a short film, or do you really want to get $6,000 worth of gear to shoot the feature?

    Quite honestly Indiegogo and Kickstarter are full of projects like yours. You will not be able to raise any money due to the reasons I have pointed out.

    My advice to you is this. just start filming. If you don't have a proper camera use your iPhone or whatever. Start filming little short videos and put them up on youtube. Learn the skills of storytelling and filmmaking. Little by little start building your gear. Start off with an affordable DSLR camera, once you save more money you can buy lenses, a tripod, a microphone etc. etc.

    You don't even really need six grand for that.

    Once you have a solid library of material, then you can try crowdfunding again.


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      Thank you for your advice. Do you think a nice video to make would be someone reading pieces from the short story? I can film something short with my tablet, but the video quality just isn't that great and I know some people get really annoyed when the quality is bad.


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        This might help.
        Composer, Producer -


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          One thing to add to the great advice already given: make some films first. It doesn't look good to say it is your first film. First make some no budget films, then once you have work you are proud of, link to that, and say how it could be more improved with the money you are looking for.