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    Hi. We are in production on a web series. So far we have operated under the premise that you make it and the money will come, or not. We don't want to make features or go cable we want a web series period. Our show is based on the Oregon coast and the region has a pop limit but no one is doing what we are. Advertising, subscription some combo? I have not heard one reasonable plan. Does anyone see a path to a decent living with a web series? Many thanks, Lectric.

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    Know your target audience, and do your best to appeal to them. Release and promote on social media sites, but don't invest into advertising. See what the initial reactions for the teasers/pilot are, and continue with the series, investing into (preferably online) advertising if it's positive. You can try to get your work up on Netflix, Hulu, and any other similar sites. Perhaps you could allow streaming from the site for the web series, either giving the option to donate or just charging a low price to stream the episodes. All audiences are very specific and appealing to strangers on the internet is incredibly difficult, especially if you're not a known name. But it's possible, and I suggest you jump on any deal you can get, realizing the consequences but making sure you're not turing anything that could be potentially good. I recommend you not quit your job until you begin to fish in dollars.
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      Thanks Dominic. That was clear and crisp. We have spent the last year building up a base by giving our coastal communities value for the love of it. Mostly video podcasts interviewing retired actors and movie biz folks and also taking them through pre-production and now sharing rough edit clips. This is only averaging us 60 visits (350-400 hits) a day to our site but it's growing. I guess things feel a little weird because we're not doing the web to cable to feature push and the money flow that's in place. Dominic thanks again