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  • Indie Horror movie clip

    Sup guys, here is a sneak peak (Un edited) clip of the opening sequence of my indie horror movie. let me know what you guys think.

    I am trying to raise sum funds to host a cast party for the folks who worked hard on this project. people who donate will get a DVD of the movie once it's completed (One week left of shooting)

    Check out the youtube clip and enjoy. If it is something you would donate too thanks if not Hell I appreciate you watching it.

    Feed back please.

    ^Movie Clip

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    Haha fun times, though I think if the camera would have been about three feet to the left it would have been better, rather then a profile shot of the character. What do you think?


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      thanks man, yeah I get what you're saying. i look back at a lot of footage and think " man if only i did this, or that" thanks for watching.