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Kickstarter Budgeting/Ethics Question

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  • Kickstarter Budgeting/Ethics Question

    Hi All,

    I have a general question about Kickstarter Ethics-

    Is it ethical to set aside money in your budget in order to reimburse yourself (or another producer) for production expenses that already came out of pocket prior to launching your fundraising campaign?

    For example, if you specifically purchase a camera body for the production (to avoid paying rental fees), is it OKAY to allocate fundraiser money to cover the cost of that equipment? This seems like it could be a questionable move, since the contributors are essentially purchasing a camera for an individual (not just the project.) Someone will end up keeping it.


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    I think it would be if you did not explain that is what you were using the money for.

    BUT if you tell the people that you would be using the money for that and they still donated then no, there is no problem.


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      I agree, in the kickstarter video be as transparent as possible with the reasons you came up with the amount requested.


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        Well, if you want to save yourself some worry, you could always charge the production a "rental fee" for the equipment you already own, since it's still technically an expense for the production. If you were to rent the camera solely for the project, it would cost you something. I wouldn't see a problem with charging whatever that rental fee would have been for as long as the project takes. Then part of your KS money would go toward equipment rental. Just my thoughts on the subject.


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          Personally i wouldnt care. If the equipment is used for the project and would be used for future projects, thats what the donation is for.