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Kickstarter VS Indiegogo?

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  • Kickstarter VS Indiegogo?

    Is there much of a difference between successes on kickstarter or indiegogo? Indiegogo seems more film friendly, but I'm not positive. Does anyone have experience with both? If so, did you find more success with one or the other?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    On Kickstarter you get to keep the money only when you hit your goal. On Indiegogo you can choose to have either a fixed campaign, where it works like Kickstarter, or a flexible funding campaign, where you get to keep every dollar donated even if you don't reach your goal. In this case IGG takes a bigger percentage.

    Generally speaking people tend to think Kickstarter campaigns as more trustworthy and reliable, since the filmmaker gets the money only if they reach their goal.

    For example if you are looking for $100,000 to make a movie, and you go on Indiegogo and raise only $4,000, you get to keep most of that, but can you make the hundred grand movie on four grand? Potential donators might be weary of that.

    But in any case, both sites are only platforms, you have to drive the traffic there yourself. You need to have friends and family ready to donate to your cause, or a large fanbase who are eager to support you.