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Get a loan from a bank for a film?

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  • Get a loan from a bank for a film?

    Has anyone ever gotten a loan from the bank to make a movie?

    If so how did you do it?

    What was the process?

    Did they take you seriously?

    Did you have to lie about what you would use it for, then you put it towards a film?


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    #1 Rule in making a movie - NEVER, LIKE EVER use your own money. Get into a kick starter campaign. Get investors, but do not in any way, shape or form take money out to make a movie. Investors will write off any bad debt. If you take a loan, you're stuck paying off your own loan.
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      Yeah, the only reason you would ever want to get a bank loan, would be against a pre-sale from an entertainment bank, and in that case your movie would have to be bonded by a completion guarantor, and you would not be personally taking the loan, and there would be no risk for you personally.

      I'm sure there are horror stories out there of filmmakers who have taken personal loans to produce a movie, and success stories as well, but most independent movies don't make a cent of profit.

      Banks don't give out loans for movie projects, so it would have to be a personal loan. Only a handful of entertainment banks deal with production loans, and like I wrote earlier, in most cases they only loan against a pre-sale.

      If you have to use your own money, then use your savings, anything you are willing to lose, because chances are high that you will not make anything back.