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  • Anyone Know A Good Investor?

    Hey guys, so I have some big news that I would like to drop on everyone. I have just recently finished up the pre-production stages of my upcoming short film "The Unremembered." We still have a tad bit of work to do on the script and the story board, but besides that, we are ready to go! You may have seen the thread I posted a little while back, showcasing the Teaser Trailer...if not you can find that here:

    Okay, so what I am coming to everyone today for is to see if anyone knows of any investors that would be willing to invest in what I can honestly say is my dream project. Though this film is set to be a short (we wrote it out for 30 minutes), we would LOVE to be able to make this into a feature. I have still not made my own feature yet. Though last year we had huge hopes of making one, our Director and owner of most of our equipment randomly dropped out and went on with his life, leaving the project behind.

    This will not be an issue in the production of this film. I have full control over everything and I have a very talented and close friend who is acting in the main part. This is honestly something I have wanted to do for years and even though we are making a short, i would love to see my image and my dream become even greater and see this go bigger than I could have imagined.

    The other day I was talking to a friend about the film and he ended up going home, talking to his dad and came back to me with this message. (His dad owns a country club.)

    "Hey man, talked to my dad last night about your film. He loved the idea. He said that if you need help with anything to be sure to message us and we will help you. I tried asking him about helping you finance the film, but as you know the course is struggling at the moment so I doubt he will budge on giving any money away. But good news. You know our conference room? Dad said he would happily help cater an event for your premier if you can get it done as well as help advertise and crap for you. The place holds about 200 people and he said we could make it look sick for the weekend for you. So fi you manage to get this done, hit me up."

    That was literally copied and pasted from my phone.

    I know that doesn't seem like much, but this man is extremely popular in my home town, even though he can't invest...if I can make this feature, I would get it shown to hundreds of people over the course of just 1 weekend. I would also love to get this film into as many festivals as possible, in the movies in my state, then get it distributed.

    I need help though guys. I love this website and I believe in everyone here. I just need someone to believe in me. I have a full presentation that I could basically show to any investor interested in the film. I've tried and tried the past 2 weeks to find somebody in West Virginia, but is a joke in this state.

    We don't need huge $, but we do need some upgrades to make this perfect, along with some costume and visuals that we need to work on.

    So if anyone knows of anyone who would be interested, I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks guys! Much love.


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    How much are you looking to raise for the feature?


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      I could scrape by with $8,000. That would literally buy most of all of the equipment and other things that we need. But If I could manage to get $15,000 I would be set and could make absolutely exactly what I want to do. It would boost the production value of the film 100%.


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        What is a "good" investor :)


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          Someone willing to work and believe in this project. Someone who can back me up and believe in my word and what I'm trying to do with this project. Someone who isn't trying to control the project because they gave money towards it.


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            Sounds like a great project! I would give you some money, but honestly I'm dead broke and spent all the money on my project. I wish you luck though! Sounds like a legit movie.


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              I could fund that right now. Lots of issues with this though. How do you get the money back and why take the risk? Oaky it's a great film still a huge risk. This is not that much money to raise on your own and not have to deal with an investor. Film festivals take time and money and only a very few have buyers screening films. Of those festivals they are highly competitive, ergo films with 7 figure budgets and name actors trying to get in. I knew a film shot for a million dollars and offered a mere $25K for world wide rights. Good news is your exposure on this project is low and recoup of the investment less of a problem. So I would also look into alternative distribution strategies. I know that some have sold their films online. A number of ways to go here.