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Funding/Eqipment needed for South African Feature Film (small budget, big look)

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  • Funding/Eqipment needed for South African Feature Film (small budget, big look)

    Hi there fellow filmmakers

    I have been trying to figure out how to explain my scenario with the making of this film. I am a few/days away from the start of my indiegogo campaign and need advice as how to best pitch the following scenario regarding the film as most of the time in the past no-one believed me or took me seriously, and because of that, I wasted a big budget scene that I organised and choreographed alone for basically no money ($500) video youtube and facebook link will be put on video thread shortly.

    Here goes with all the free/sponsored stuff

    1. I only need funding for equipment and some crucial crew D.O.P., Soundman etc.
    2. I have the most amazing free location (2 miles/3km) prime beachfront area incl. ocean, beach, pier, and 100m inland including main street.
    3. I have the use of 10-20 police vehicles, 6 rescue vehicles, 5 rescue boats, 3 fire trucks with all personell.
    4. All road closures (9 streets and 3 intersections)
    5. 30 road cars for "normal traffic" xtras
    6. 3 helicopters 1 Police, 1 filming and 1 rescue.
    7. 200-300 extras (volunteers, crowd etc.)

    Most of the vfx, 3d, compositing and matte painting I can do myself ( been learning for the last 11 years)

    I have a good Composer from the UK who will score the film upon completion for free.

    All other locations for the movie are also free.

    Also almost any South African movie that gets made is almost always given a theatrical release if it meets the minimum quality requirements as there are so few and there are very few if any big budget looking films that get made by S. Africans. (District 9 was made here, The film was produced for $30 million and shot on location in Chiawelo, Soweto)

    I can imagine the headlines when just the one beach of mine scene as mentioned above is televised on the news.

    That is all I need. From there the people will come to me with offers.

    But in order to get the beach scene shot I will need a pro crew for that one day and quite a lot of equipment, mainly cameras and good camera operators.

    There is no mistaking that this will be the biggest Action Movie set and scene ever shot in South Africa in one day.

    The reason why the quality of the footage is not too good in the video is because on the night the crew from cape town were to arrive I found out that they did not bother to come because they thought I was making it up and crazy.

    So here I was with this big scene and no way to cancel it. With no crew there I was left no choice but to grab a few students with any DV cameras to film whatever they could so I could at least get some proof. I then decided to use the scene as a test run or practice run and it worked out fine.

    So how do I pitch this to funders without them thinking I am crazy or dreaming when all they know is that it costs millions to do that sort of thing?

    Any advice would be good

    Thank you for reading this



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    Hi there

    Sorry guys but I have to wait till tomorrow to post video links as per rules


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      Wow! I don't know much about financing, but how did you get all of that stuff free? Normally that would be most of the budget!



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        Hey if you need a DOP fly me to Africa and I'll do it.

        I'll do the job for free if you pay for the expenses, food, stay, ect. I'd love the experience haha.

        Seems amazing.


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          This is just the prepare page with some of the pics & video