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Still looking, but now with Hollywood!

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  • Still looking, but now with Hollywood!

    We have moved up to the big league's and are working with a two time Oscar winning motion picture production company and screenplay writer. This film project will be more than hot in the theaters and anyone that helps in it's investment, will be looking at returns of millions. Here's two reasons why.

    (1) we have secured 1.7 million in over seas sales already by one of the producers of the movie "CROW" remember Brandon Lee?

    (2) TBN south Africa is on board with this film and is going to be networking it on their 800 networks for the trailer.

    (3) well I sid two, the mixed martial arts world has 100 thousand DVD copies sold already.

    So hers what were looking for:

    Christian Cinema Productions is now in the development stage with "CAGED." This motion picture is a faith, inspirational film project, based upon true events, that is geared toward today's youth. It however will inspire adults alike. This is a movie about "Choices" The entertainment aspect of the film is based around Mixed Martial Arts. We have chosen this sport (1) because this sport is so huge worldwide. (2) It is high octane action that will draw lots of crowds of all ages. (3) It is educational and very inspirational. (4) The cast is many "A" list actors and some very well known people in it. This movie is based around two young boy mixed martial artist and two girl mixed martial artist one of each who is struggling with their lifestyles. With many fight scenes and title tournaments, you will come to love our main characters. The budget we are needing to get this film into the theaters is 3 to 6 million. At this time, to move this movie forward, we are needing the "Development" funds, that is twenty thousand dollars ($25,000,) These funds goes for securing the entertainment attorneys, the screenplay (to be rewritten by our Hollywood professional), securing our main "A list" actors/actresses, some of the travel expenses, casting call paperwork including production and office, motel, travel and meals for production crews. To view the development trailer, go to our web site at: christianccp (dot) com go to the home page.

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    Our development trailer


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      I am a bit confused.

      You wrote that you have already secured $1.7M in foreign pre-sales. How did you do that if you don't have a script or cast in place yet?

      Also, if you have a high profile production company backing you, and you already have pre-sales, why are you needing $25k for development?

      $25k for development for a $3M-$6M picture is not a lot. Will you be allocating those funds mainly towards a script, and hope that the high profile production ccompany who is on board will be enough to attract the A-list actors to sign on without a pay or play deal?

      This seems like a very interesting project. Please keep us posted!


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        Great question! We already have a script. However the Hollywood producer wants to revise it and make the movie longer. This will entail revising about 50% of the screenplay. The Hollywood producer is the one who got the producer of the CROW film to get the sales over seas. Not sure how he did that, but it is a go deal. The production company (Hollywood) is writing the screenplay and will be directing the film. We are producing it and have the task of coming up with the development funds. We do already have First-in investors and second-in investors ready to go from the MMA world that we are working with on the film. Being that they are agreeing to that, our part is to raise these development funds. The rest is already done and waiting. The Hollywood producer will be using their attorneys to deal with the "A" list actors that he knows personally, and about $5,000 has been allocated for that.

        I also want to mention that for this development investor(s), we will be giving them the same benefits as the first-in investors.

        120% return priority investor(s)
        Will be in the movie and seen at the opening credits as the executive producer(s)
        Be at all the production shooting (fully paid)
        Back end credits
        Other benefits I can't mention here.

        Anyone interested should contact us at: christiancinemaproductions[at]
        We will phone conference with everyone.