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New Project, "The Field", Seeking Financing

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  • New Project, "The Field", Seeking Financing

    My newest project, "The Field", is seeking financing. We have a completed, copywritten script, as well as some name actors interested. This is an amazing story that needs to be told. It is based on true events. Here is a synposis.

    The Field
    Written by Chip Rossetti

    "I still take time every night to sit and stare out at the field. Butter was right, it was a road map for my life. All of the bumps and bad hops, errors and mishaps. But also all of the late inning heroics, the game winning singles and the championships. It doesn't matter how many banners we hang up in the stadium. For me, I won my World Series just by knowing I played the game."
    - Sammy "Smokie" Bethel

    Smokie Bethel has seen it all. The hypocrisy of racial segregation. Life in the Negro Leagues. The glory and pain of war. The heartbreak of love and love lost. But through everything, he always came back to "The Field".

    This heartwarming and tragic story begins with a young, black boy in the Mississippi in the 1920's. Samuel becomes "Smokie" after his house burns to the ground, taking his mom and sisters away from him. He is taken in but the groundkeeper for the local Negro Baseball team. "Butter" teaches "Smokie" that life sometimes throws you curveballs and a man is measured by how often he gets back in the batter’s box and tries again.

    "Smokie" takes this lesson to heart and remembers is as he moves into his career as a professional Negro League baseball player. His progression toward the still segregated Major Leagues is cut short after an episode of racial hatred in Indianapolis cuts his playing career short. Even in losing his career, he meets the love of his life in the hospital.

    After settling into their new life, back on the farm in Mississippi, something continues to grow inside Smokie, a longing to be a part of something great.

    After failing to qualify for the Tuskegee Airmen, Smokie enters the General Infantry, still wanting to be a part of something that he can be proud of. Weighing heavy on his heart, he leaves his pregnant wife behind and heads to Camp LaJune, and then Italy. He continues his love for baseball on the dirt fields of Georgia and Italy, waiting for his chance to see combat, and make his mark on history. Smokie's time in the military helps his see what is most important in life. The guys he meets, both in camp and in live combat, change his life forever.

    Smokie returns home to what he hopes is a changed world, only to find out that not much has changed. The only true change is that, when he returns to Mississippi, no one is waiting for him.

    Heartbroken and alone, Smokie returns to The Field, this time as a groundskeeper, following in the footsteps of Butter. Little does he know that, this time, The Field will change his life, FOREVER.

    "The Field" is based on true events. Though Smokie Bethel is a fictional character, the stories of his life are true, as we follow his life for 70 years. Through his life, he meets historical figures like "Cool Papa" Bell, Rube Foster, and Larry Doby, the first black baseball player to play in the American League.

    "You see boy, there are two types of men in this world. The ones that can accept a loss, figure out what they did that caused the loss and learn from it. And then there is the type of man that lets a loss eat away at him. He finds everyone to blame for it, except himself. He lets himself get bitter over it and he turns into someone that hates the game, and the world. What kind of man are you going to be?"
    – Jerome "Butter" Brown

    Contact me at rossettiproductions[at] for more information.