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  • Tell me your secrets. . . .

    Okay so i did a indiegogo campaign myself when i did my movie, and i
    raised an alright amount of cash to make my little project happen,
    but tell me this, what strategies do you guys/gals use to raise those
    high number campaigns?
    -Gio, Latest Project: House of Dread

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    I think that a common strategy is social networking.



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      I have always just funded myself.


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        Originally posted by Anonymous Filmmaker View Post
        I think that a common strategy is social networking.
        Agreed. I spent several months working with social marketing companies last year, and viewer retention really is the best method for indies. As soon as you build up that audience your videos, and consequently your fundraising campaigns will reach more people. It's all about getting noticed; jump on trends if you have to, just get noticed and when people see your other great content they'll stay around and bingo, your own set audience.
        Even the smallest things like SEO keywords can help you gain places in search results, plus it's all pretty much free marketing!


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          Social networking is just a virtual highway. You still have to do the work. If you expect Social Networking to magically do the work because you post on twitter every 30 minutes and optimize everything on your site, you are going to waste your time and fail.

          The real secret is "Word of Mouth" and getting the ball rolling. Indiegogo, for instance, doesn't care one bit about you if you don't make money and bring traffic to their website. They have thousands of campaigns running and you have to give them a reason to put you at the top of their search engine. You need good content and hits on your gogo site. Pay for them if you have to. Have funds lined up before you start your campaign. Then you will get up in the ranks on gogo. ONLY THEN will gogo be worth a squirt. Otherwise, they're just collecting a % of your hard work.
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