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Running simultaneous kickstarter and indiegogo campaings, good idea or bad idea?

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  • Running simultaneous kickstarter and indiegogo campaings, good idea or bad idea?

    My company is working to raise money for a web series.

    We're about to launch a kickstarter and were thinking of running simultaneous Kick-starter and Indiegogo campaigns. I was a little concerned that running the campaigns simultaneously is a bad idea especially since the kickstarter will need to reach a funding goal.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Should I launch one then the other?

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    My first thought is that it sounds very dishonest. When people donate to your campaign, they expect that you are asking for the amount of money you need to do whatever it is you are doing. But in this case you're not because you're asking for more money somewhere else. Pretty shady.


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      Yeah that was never the intention. We were splitting the budget between the two with the bulk being raised on Kickstarter and the remainder on Indie Gogo. Since it's a webseries we were thinking if the Kickstarter flops we can still have a little IndieGogo money so we can produce something instead of nothing.

      Maybe the best idea is to just see how the Kickstarter goes then launch an Indiegogo if it flops. After all the Kickstarter will run its course well before we want to shoot.


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        My advice is pick one or the other. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are not magical platforms where money will just come flying in for your project. Most of the money you make will be people you drive there yourself. If you are trying to herd the cattle to two different places to donate you are hurting your chances of even getting funding.


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          Yes, I think doing a Kickstarter first and then indiegogo if that fails is a better way. Jsthompson has a really good point as well. You would be sending people to two different places which hurts you more than it helps. and like I said, especially on Kickstarter (I'm not as familiar with the indiegogo culture) people expect that you have asked for the exact amount of money you need to get it done. It's sneaky to be asking for more money on another crowd funding site.


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            Gotcha. That's what we'll do then.


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              Baaaaad!!!!!! You will have to deal with soooooo much crap at one time I wouldn't even consider it. I would take it one crowd funding site at a time.