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Been needing financing for my film project for the longest

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  • Been needing financing for my film project for the longest

    Been looking for film financing for the longest for a film project I have been's a great project and NO I have not done films that have been at the box office but I've written local stage plays and film shorts.....hell, you have to start as new at sometime.....I don't even need a lot of financing, after changing last night's budget, I could make this film off of 50k but I just need someone to believe in the project to make it....but that's hard to find these days...
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    How much are you looking to raise?


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      well it was 530k but now....I could do it for 50k, I mean it would be a stretch because one of the actors I have is known and I don't know if he would do it for 50k and he's my only hopes at distribution but yeah...
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        Do you have quality examples of past work? This is one of the most important things. If you don't have a proven track record or at least one example of a really well made film, no one in their right mind will give you money.


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          I've done shorts before but I haven't done films like Tyler Perry or Martin Scorsese or any of those directors, I mean I'm a new FILM director but I have written, directed, and produced local stage plays but this is my first feature I don't know say, Oren Peli....his first film was Paranormal Activity or say the makers of the Blair Witch Project or other new and first time's whatever....I've given up anyway....I've done so much pushing on this project, night and day, that I have made myself physically sick health wise....I can't do it anymore.....I've got great stories to tell but because I am not Roth or Scorsese or Spielberg, I don't get a chance to tell them....unless I become a millionaire.....forget it, I give up.....


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            I'm going to be completely honest with you, Sasha. I could tell from the first post in this thread exactly why no one is interested in investing in your film. You go on and on about how you have such great ideas, and then whine about no one giving you money to make your movie. You don't mention anything about what qualifications you have to actually make the film. Do you honestly think that every person in the world who has "done shorts before" and thinks they have a great idea for a feature film just gets handed $300k?

            I guess it's a good thing no one invested in your film anyway since you just give up when things don't go your way. That's not any way to make a film. If you are actually interested in making films, though, you should probably work on honing your craft, not raising money for your feature.

            P.S. For the record, Blair Witch was shot for $25k, Paranormal Activity was shot for $15k. seeing any difference between that and your $300k to $536k?


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              Why don't you send me the first 20 pages and I'll take a look at it. I don't have 300K to invest, but you would be surprised at how inexpensive a film can be made. My point is, maybe you really don't need that much money.

              Lastly I would say, avoid becoming too emotionally involved in any one project, as it sounds like you have become. There are millions of great stories and if you give up so soon on your first project, maybe you're not thick skinned enough for this business. It can sometimes seem cruel and very unfair, but it's just business.

              The true heart of an independent film maker endures the hardships, shrugs off the let downs, and forges ahead despite the overwhelming odd, naysayers, wasting time wannabes, set-backs, lack of money, and uses those hopeless situations to form the soul of their next project. You may be just 3 feet from striking gold, so don't stop digging.


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                Thanks Director now that is some encouraging advice.....I won't.....I'm young, I'm 28 so I still have's just hard when this is your dream and you have these stories that you want to tell that are about trying to make the world better but you can't get it out there you know??


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                  Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I would imagine every single person on this forum has gone through, is going through, or will go through what you're experiencing right now. So you're in good company, and fortunately for you, you're in good company that can help you with a lot of advice.

                  It's called the school of hard knocks, kid, and what doesn't kill you, should probably make you a better film maker. Or, at the very least, more wise.
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