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Looking to finance "feature" film

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  • Looking to finance "feature" film

    Here are the only requests I have. No scripts please

    Would like to see a trailer if possible

    Who is your team/attachments

    If this is your first film I understand I could be missing out on my next big asset, but unfortunately I will have to pass.

    If you have produced a short, you must have a trailer to show your work, I am willing to see what talent needs to be pursued.

    Please don't send me an email telling me to start a discussion via email.


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    Film Project Seeking Financing

    Hello Larry,

    My developing project does not have a trailer but this Spring I will be shooting it in Lithuania.

    Actors attached are all from the Baltic area and have given their rates. The team involved include a DP and production company that will handle equipment and post production.

    This is not my first film. I served as co-executive producer for "Samuel Bleak" (2011) which won best suspenseful drama at the NYIFF.

    If you would like a full synopsis, production estimate created by company in Vilnius and details, please respond.



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      Internationally Appealing Inspirational/Action Soccer Drama


      I'm a freelance executive producer. I've had a project submitted to me from
      a good friend and associate who is working with the director to launch this film. It's got massive foreign appeal as its backdrop is the world of professional soccer, which as you know is the biggest sport in the world. This film has incredible potential to be quite lucrative if positioned well, marketed well, and distributed properly. The management team can access the full funds to make the film if only $750K primes the that, they have arranged for film fund financing through incentives, etc... and are simply looking for the first-in $750K and they can then receive 100% of their film's budget. I have a trailer for you to view. How can I get it to you? I do not want to post it on a public site here for anyone to view. Would you like to give me a personal email address to which I can email it to you?


      Rodney Holland


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        Please PM me the trailer as well


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          I wouldnt mined seeing the trailer as well, You can PM us the private link.
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