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    Check it out.

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    Be careful, there is a whole world out there that is trying to make money, this site seems to be some sort of a lead generator to a distribution company that screws people over. This is just a mask for them, they spent thousands of dollars to create a cool idea and market the heck out of it and its all a "lead" generator to make the distribution company money. Be careful


    • #3 they have screwed over so many of the people that got me into filmmaking. I know that GoDigitalVOD and Echelon Entertainment are on studio blacklist's not to purchase. Just an FYI


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        I don't see the point in these sites; just another 'revolutionary' way to upload videos to the internet with much smaller coverage than YouTube or Vimeo. Sure, YouTube is hardly a professionals choice of platform but at the same time I think it's better to openly present an indie project through something like YouTube which doesn't have these arbitrary features like the 'Hype meter', plus it's simply easier for someone to keep track of your stuff through a single account rather than visit this site, as it were.

        Plus what Jimmy says makes it all look a little shady.


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          I wonder if there's an Editors and Preditors (misspelling intentional) for the movie industry.
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