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The Mishtals - big concept. We need investors

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  • The Mishtals - big concept. We need investors

    Hi everyone. I'm Rafał Warszycki and I'm from group of filmmakers called Theatrical Studio. We are going to make an epic science-fiction movie. We have great and unconventional idea. Here is story in a nutshell:

    One normal guy is scientific enthusiast. His name is Tommy. He is always interested in space and the possibility of the existence of other civilizations.He tries to intercept a signal from other civilization. He finally intercepted but he had trouble with deciphering. After a certain time his friend deciphered the signal.

    It was a message from civilization called Mishtals.This was the message from a specific Mishtal.

    He warned him before the war. He said that he will say more details on Earth. He want to meet with him on specific localization and date. They finally meet and mishtal is neutral. On the meeting character learn about all. The situation is as follows:

    The civilization of Mishtals want to conquer earth. But here are specific fight rules. Every planet has warriors, they are called elite of planet. In wars fight only warriors of planets. War will be only between some chosen guys from earth and ten warriors from planet of mishtals.One man is Earth’s defender now. In normal case the Earth's elite is Space Guard, the specific cosmic organization which stands on the guard of justice in the galaxy, but now they are far away on another front so they can't help. When planet hasn't elite the invaders can choose them by their own. So they chose one little guy who was never fighting...

    The only chance for Tommy and Earth is to learn a lot in short time. Luckily, Tommy meets people who teach him and help him.

    Next it will be a lot of battles in amazing places, dynamic scenes with music full of climate.

    The end will be interesting and extraordinary.

    The same you will find on our project on IndieGogo but with more details about world in which the film will be set.

    We have interesting story and huge world full of details which is a material for a lot of stories and The Mishtals is going to be first of them.

    Please support us if you can....