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Need Partner with 750+ Credit Score

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  • Need Partner with 750+ Credit Score

    A 750+ Credit Score can get us $100k to $250k for a low budget film! Can shoot great script with 4-6 characters, 1-3 locations and a very small crew. Can sell to distriibutor for tremendous profit! I have outlets to viable distribution sources.

    A. Leath

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    Interesting, I would be interested to hear the outlets for your distribution and what possible deals you have with them
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      I don't have any specific deal with any distributor. What I have is access through relationships to such outlets as Lionsgate, Media 8 and The Weinsteins. Of course I cannot guarantee anything (nothings guaranteed in this business) however, I can get the finished film into the hands of those that can make a decision, not just some secretary. Of course as you probably know, distributors have to buy films. That's how they stay in business. The caveat is, they don't want to do any work. The easiest thing for them to do is cut a check. Lets not fool ourselves. Our business is not about hard work and talent, it's about access and relationships, period. You will never read this in those "How to make it in Hollywood" books.


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        PM sent
        Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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          Below are the parameters to what was posted previously.

          Our main funding program is the Unsecured Business Funding, which ranges anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000. What unsecured means is that no collateral is needed, so you don’t need to provide any financials to be eligible.
          Because it’s unsecured, we need to have one person in place with good credit around a 680 or higher. Now please do not base it strictly on the credit score. Below is a list of what our lenders are looking for. Keep in mind, this is a Business Line of Unsecured Credit, this is not a loan, or a mortgage, this is Business credit so it will have different requirements than a typical Personal loan.
          We look for 5 things:
          - 680+ FICO score - This is a good place to start, but remember, we MUST look at the other 4 aspects of their credit situation.
          - Depth and history - At least 1-2 open revolving accounts with 2-year history.
          - Debt to credit ratio - This should be less than 60-80%. For example, if they have $10,000 in available credit, they would be using less than $6,000 - $8,000.
          - Number of inquiries - Less than 6 inquiries in the past 12 months
          - Derogatory items - No bankruptcies ever. No foreclosures ever. No late payments, collections, judgments, liens in the past 12 months.
          Again these are all general guidelines. For example, regarding inquiries, if they've racked up a few in a short period of time because they were shopping for cars, then the total amount of inquiries may be above 6 in the past 12 months- that's OK. Or if they only have one 30-day late payment within the past year, we still may be able to work with them. Again, it's up to the underwriting department to decide, our underwriting staff will be able to figure it out.

          This type of funding comes in the form of corporate accounts, attached with business credit cards. Corporate cards which you can use anywhere that accepts credit cards. If you need cash in hand we can liquidate the funds


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            So, are you saying you don't have those requirements and if so what role would this person be involved in besides access to credit? Also what would the payments be on say 100K at what percentage rate and would that person be the only one responsible for the loan if your project is one of the 9 out of 10 that doesn't make a profit? What do you bring to the table?



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              Hi Cecil,

              Great questions! First, I do not fit those requirements which is why I am seeking a partner. I am not just seeking an investor, I am seeking a partner to do a few films with and have a profitable relationship. If we are partners than we both are responsible for any payments to the creditors and what things are considered business expenses. My company is called Link Court Productions, LLC located in Hampton Roads, VA. Please visit my website Link Court Productions | Drama's Got A New Address!.

              As you eluded to in your comments, there are no guarantees that the film(s) will turn a profit. It would be silly of me to even suggest there are guarantees. My position is to mitigate risks wherever possible. The chances of a $100,000 film turning a profit is a lot higher than a $20 million film turning a profit and once you have one success it causes sort of a chain reaction. You will have doors open to you that weren't there previously. There are several accounts of films that cost less than $1 million dollars that turned tremendous profits. Of course there have been some flops but I tend to not only focus of the success stories but why they were successful.

              Regarding the interest rate from the creditors, well, that is soley up to the creditor. However, interest rates are negotiable.

              To answer your last question; What do I bring to the table? I bring all the resources and wherewithal necessary to shoot and edit a full motion picture. I also have marketing and branding people on standby because that's eventually what's going to sell the film. Think about the campaign behind The Blair Witch Project. I have relationships with individuals who can walk stuff into major distributors cutting out a lot of the nonsense and red tape. Again no guarantees but at least the film will make it into the hands of those that can make a decision where many others don't. Lastly, there are the major film festivals such as Sundance and Cannes where the film can also be picked up.

              Success is access (refer to the blog section of Filmmaker Forum) and next you need diligence. With those things you have a better chance than most. I hope I've addressed all of your concerns. Thanks for inquiring.



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                This is interesting and I will consider it. Do you have a script?


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                  Hello Theusurpking,

                  I have written several scripts in addition to having synopsis for countless others. Regarding the $100k-$200k script, I am considering one of three synopsis to turn into a full feature. Perhaps if you are truly interested you can assist me in deciding that. They are great concepts that can be done within that budget range. If you would like to discuss further, perhaps you can send me a private message here or email me at Linkctprods[at]

                  I look forward to hearing from you.



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                    Interesting concept - If you could teach people how to find investors through this channel (credit vrs. equity), you would have a great online info product you could sell