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    Just curious about these "crowd funding" platforms and if anyone has had success with them?
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    i think kickstarter would be tough because you need to raise a substantial amount for a film...even a micro-budget project is 50K. that means you have to raise all $50K basically by yourself or you get none of it...even if you raised $49K. (of course, you would probably rather raise $100K or more)

    my friend tried to raise $1000 for her web series on Kickstarter and she basically pleaded on facebook 20 times a day for people to donate. she was $400 short an hour before time expired, but somehow miraculously pulled it off (maybe she got someone to pledge the money and then she gave them the money right back so she could use the other $600)

    looking at her problems to raise $1000, i can't see trying to raise $50K

    reading the kickstarter site, they say that projects where people get things back tend to be bigger attractions. i noticed a project of someone creating chocolate dice raised like 800% of what it wanted because it gave a set of chocolate dice away for free for every bid over $10. so people basically were paying $10 for chocolates. film is not so commodity based. giving everyone a DVD is expensive, not to mention not such a great draw. everyone loves chocolate and would prob buy it anyways. most people honestly could care less about having a copy of your film, so it's not a great incentive

    give it a shot...but like i said, i got so sick of april pleading for money 24/7 on facebook and i don't think she even really legit raised it...and that was only $1000


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      No Success Story here - However, I would recommend Indiegogo for filmmakers, the "all or nothing" concept with kickstarter means if you don't raise 100% of your goal, you dont get a dime..

      Also - if you are not from the states, IndieGoGo is the only choice, kickerstarter is only for US based.

      This crowdfunding concept isn't new, people have been funding projects for years in the living rooms of their friends and family through parties. Which i really recommend, if you do it right - you can see a lot of success.
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        Hey my name is Jacob Halpern. I'm trying to start a film on Kickstarter! Please check it out!


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          URL REMOVED

          Space fighter,

          You need to post it in the kickstarter section,

          click Forum in the top green bar, then scroll down to the kickstarter section, you also have to have a good description about the project, this is all we ask.

          post it here --->
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