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Greetings from Calexico, CA

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  • Greetings from Calexico, CA

    You may be asking yourself "Calexico? Where or what is that?" Well, Calexico is a city were nothing really happens, only the bad stuff. For example, we had a 7.2 earthquake on easter day 2010. Calexico is a border town(calexico=California-Mexico) The thing i hate about my city is that there are no other filmmakers like me. There may be some that want to be but do not do anything about it.

    Enough about my city, let's talk about me. I am a no budget, D.I.Y filmmaker. I have really low income and I am always trying to survive with just 5-20 dollars a week. My filming equipment is worth $150 which is only just my camcorder. Most of the videos I will be posting will have some low quality. I get around $100/weekly from working on the fields but I can't spend it on more equipment to get better filmmaking quality because I live alone and have to pay bills. My future plans are to become a Youtube partner once I get enough views per day so I could get more money for me, my family, and my filmmaking career. I will be turning 18 in July 5th so I would like you to wish me a happy birthday and the best luck so I can make this dream come true.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Hold Fast To The Dream...

    Hello Mighty Films. I really admire your spirit and your committment to fulfilling your dreams. Movie making is a wonderful experience; nothing else like it in the world. I wish you all the best and I hope you succeed in your dreams. Keep cranking out those films (no matter what the budget) and someone will sit up and take notice. Oh...and a happy early birthday greeting!!!


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      Love this guy


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        I have a short script you might be interested in. No cost, just credit when complete. I can imagine it being filmed in Calexico; very stark film in a very stark town. 3 main characters, 3-4 local locations. Go to my website and then to scripts and scroll down to 'Nathan Becomes a Zombie'. If interested, hit me back at shawn.rohrbach[at]
        Shawn Rohrbach MFA