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  • Your thoughts regarding TV pilot

    I am in the process of adapting a short into a pilot for a TV series, very gritty inner city horror probably HBO material. Writing concept is a Sin City/True Blood style. From a filmmakers perspective could I get your feedback on what you would think of shooting a series pilot like this, with high-definition digital cameras, using a green screen as in Sin City or 300. Also do you think a series like this would have legs because of it, or would it be detrimental?

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    My personal thoughts are, anything can work. It just has to have a riveting story.

    This seems like your plugging the look more then story. That could be a negative. Story should always come first.

    Good Luck with it in every way possible.

    I don't remember where it is, but somewhere on youtube is the clip that got Star Trek picked up. You should check it out.


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      I agree about the riveting story line but why not have both?

      My other consideration is The wire style check out the link

      The visual style of The Wire


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        You can have both.

        If you shot a great story in the style of Sin City or True Blood it would work either way. Because the look would just add another facet onto a story that's already fascinating to watch.

        I've never watched True Blood. If it's entirely different than Sin City, maybe you should combine the two. Give the "story" one look, and the "horror aspect" the other.