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I'm Eric, and I love horror films.

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  • I'm Eric, and I love horror films.

    I have been a member of this site for maybe only 2 minutes now, and I decided to introduce myself. I'm a very young hoping-to-be filmmaker. My main field in the spectrum of motion pictures is the horror genre. I hope one day I can create horror films as influential and recognized as The Shining, or Halloween, or any of the greats. My goal is to bring back the same kind of terror that kept people awake at night after seeing a movie, and I don't just want to scare casual movie-goers, I want to strike fear into hardcore horror lovers. Audiences everywhere today don't seem to be as scared as they used to, and one day, I hope to change that.

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    Welcome to the forum! This video may be of interest to you:



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      Hi there Eric!

      I like your ambition, and I hope you stick with the craft. I have some advice for you:

      Play off of the fears of people right now. Whether it was underage drinking, Vietnam, drugs, a new virus, or corruption, filmmakers always seemed to make films that inspired fear in people because they somehow were loosely related to current issues or fears of the time.

      Develop a unique style. Wes Craven was known for not holding back, being savage and witty in his portrayal of violence and fear. When Stanley Kubrick made The Shining, he shocked audiences with his pacing, slowly unraveling and brooding.

      Anyway, welcome.


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        Welcome! Seems like you and I have a bit in common. :)


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          Yes Welcome! I feel the same way Eric, once I get some of these companies I am running able to operate without myself for a month or so, I will finally have time to producer my horror film I have been waiting for!
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            Good luck with your film making aspirations. I too am a new member with a love for horror films.


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              Hello Eric, hope you like it here.
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                Hello Eric, enjoy your stay!