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Here to Help, here to Learn! Hows doin' everyone...

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  • Here to Help, here to Learn! Hows doin' everyone...

    Hey guys (n gals),

    Happy to be on the Forum, first for me. Very interesting topics, been reading as much as I can past few days, and it's nice to be in a Filmmaking Community... Been an Actor for over 12 years, few TV spots, Bulk of work in Indie Film, been fortunate enough to have been in films that received numerous awards, and been honored and invited to several Fests past couple years. Produced and Created 1 Feature Film and TV Pilot Presentation under my belt, as well as couple flicks coming up this year as an Actor and/or Producer.

    I love Filmmakers. You guys (and gals) are multi-talented, determined entrepreneurs, and if I can help, be involved, give advice, and take some as well...Im here for all of it.

    Any Filmmakers need SOLID Actors on either Coasts, or DP's, Editors, etc...feel free to give me a shout. No BS on this end.
    Feel free to see my work as well [at]

    Good luck everyone. Kick some a$$ with whatever Project your working on-


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    Welcome to the forum!