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  • Noobies in the mix

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd introduce myself before throwing myself into the mix. My name is Steve, I work with my brother and a select few close friends in writing up scripts for short films/webisodes. We are always looking for people to work with unfortunately we are in the UK so can't readily meet some of our contemporaries as much as we would love to.

    I'm hoping to learn from many of you, and share what I can whether it's little pearls of wisdom or just our journey, but most importantly to meet other like minded individuals! Especially talented scriptwriters, I am hoping to have a few shorts uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo soon to showcase what we can do and are hoping that anyone who does enjoy writing scripts is inspired enough to want to work with us!

    Looking forward to the coming months and years!

    Best wishes!


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    Welcome to the forums!


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      Welcome Mafuna! Thanks for joining and enjoy your stay!
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        Welcome! You might be surprised at how well you can work with people that aren't in your area. Myself and another forum member, who lives in the UK, while I live in the US, worked on a short together last year.


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          Noobies in the mix

          Excellent - I best get my work up and running to show people what I can do then! Thanks for the welcome!


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            Welcome to the forum!