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Greetings! Brand New Filmmaker Here!

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  • Greetings! Brand New Filmmaker Here!

    Greetings everyone that clicked my uninteresting topic title! My name is Mike! Please if you want call me Mike. Or glasgow, or glas. What ever you prefer!

    I haven't made anything as of yet. But I'm working on writing and budgeting now. Sooner or later I'll be posting my own webisodes/short films I put on YouTube.

    I've been inspired by directors such as Kevin Smith, and Quentin Tarantino to begin filming and writing, (but weird enough my favorite movie is "A Clockwork Orange"). If I could be anything I'd love to be the two. There's just no other feeling than MAKING your stories come to life. As Kevin Smith put it in a few of his interviews: "I saw [Slacker] and I just thought to myself... 'I could totally make movies!'"

    I'm looking forward to meeting new and helpful people as well as putting my two cents in on topics here. PLEASE if you'd like to collaborate with me with ANYTHING please don't hesitate to message me.

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    Welcome! You will love this site!


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      Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask us any film making questions you have and we will try to answer them!



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        Well boy howdy sir! I recently joined a few days ago, I'm loving this site already =)


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          Hi there Mike. I remember the first time I watched Reservoir Dogs and Clerks was when I was getting into filmmaking, and that sealed the deal for my "that's what I want to do" mentality.