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Greetings from Slovenia

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  • Greetings from Slovenia

    my name is Nejc Kavka and I'm 17 years old. I had been interested in filmmaking for about three years before, but I've been doing it 'seriously' for about a year now (since I bought Canon EOS 600D).
    Here you can check my showreel for 2013 and also my other films:

    Oh, and I apologize in advance for my spelling mistakes and limited english (I come from Slovenia).

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    Nice work, man! Stick around and stay active here. :)


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      Nice work man! This is a really cool place around here. Although one question: are you a DP or director. If you're a director, you may want to include actual scenes from your work, as well as put your name and position at the beginning. Some clips such as the cats could be cut out as well. But aside from that, nice work! You're obviously a talented dude and I wish you the best with your career.


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        Thank you both! About your question; I haven't yet really decided what I want to be - at the moment I'm more like a one-man-team, so I guess I'm DP and director at the same time. But anyways, thanks for the tip! :)