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"Bear" A Short Film by Joe Canton

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  • "Bear" A Short Film by Joe Canton

    Hello to all,

    Some of you may remember a month or two ago, I made a post about an odd short film I was taking part of.

    Things have changed a bit in the few months.

    Not only am I now directing it, yes, my dream of acting solely on the project has now led me to tackle the directing as well, but rewriting the script to my sensibilities and so forth. The story remains the same, as do most of the scenes, I just added some more dialogue and reworked the ending to something a little more, for lack of a better word, bleak.

    I am ready to show you guys what it's all about.

    The film is "Bear". The film follows Barry(myself), a children's entertainer who's also a substance abuser, navigating a sole day in his existence. The film's hitch is he's wearing the costume the entire film.

    The film is a bit ambitious for me, seeing as how I am using nothing but an iPhone to film this. No sound equipment, no DSLRs, nothing. Just the iPhone. At most, the budget is about 65 dollars, 60 for the bear suit, 5 for the Filmic Pro app for the iPhone. This has been quite an exciting project for me, as it's giving me a weird little side step from my other short film, "Percy". I haven't been working on that one as frequently, but I only need 3 more scenes to shoot before I wrap on that one, so Bear should come along quickly, especially since Bear is a way shorter script.

    I hope to post it up online when it's complete, I might have it ready to put it into some short film festivals hopefully.
    I'm having music done for the film, but am always looking for composers to work with. And, just to be awesome, I have my lovely friend Katherine making some awesome poster designs, one of which I'll share with you now, as well as a photo of me in the Bear costume.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Bear Poster Draft.jpg
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    I'm going my usual acting route, in terms of my method. I studied with a dear friend who just happens to be 2 years sober of substance abuse, and she has really helped me understand the ticks and habits of those behaviors.

    Joe Canton

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    Cool man, looking forward to the day you post it! Subscribed!