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B-Rated Movies (Good or bad?)

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  • B-Rated Movies (Good or bad?)

    I watch a lot of movies; from blockbusters to B-rated straight to TV/DVD. Us filmmakers learn from watching movies and dreaming of making those Hollywood blockbuster films one day. The question is, how much can we actually learn about the craft from other films, what do we get out of it, especially B-Rated ones? I know some are good and some are bad and some are really bad, but how does watching B-Rated films makes us better filmmakers?

    I would love to hear everyone's thought on this.

    V.T. Lithyouvong
    Producer / Director / Photographer

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    I watch B movies all the time. They are a fantastic tool. It teaches you what not to do as well as what to do. The big part of that is if a film school instructor tells you not to cross the 180 degree mark but you never see it happen, you really dont fully understand how bad it looks. I for one do not like taking someones word for it. I have to see things for myself and then make my own decision. Thats what B movies do for us. They illustrate the things we shouldnt do. The other part is that a B movie can show you what can be done with little money. If you see a great effect, prop or scene you know that can be done without a giant Hollywood budget.


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      I agree with you. B movies do have some things you can learn from. Especially seeing actors that can't act and when you do work with actors, now you know how to guide them in the direction you're going for.
      Producer / Director / Photographer


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        Originally posted by VTLithyouvong View Post
        , but how does watching B-Rated films makes us better filmmakers?
        My thought is - Because there are actual mistakes that can be seen, and seeing those mistakes helps us realize them and to try and not do them on our movie. <---- Hope that made since, just woke up LOL