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  • OPTIONED, Baby!

    A lady from Universal Studios emailed me last week saying they wanted to option a screenplay I've had at Simply Scripts for a few years. I thought it was a joke at first, but she checks out. She emailed me again over the weekend to tell me she was working on the option contract all weekend and after the lawyers look it over Monday she'll email it to me probably Tuesday.

    I plan to document everything that happens after that.

    Stay tuned.

    Gary Lloyd
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    Sweet! Can't wait to hear. Hope it goes smooth!


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      Wow, good luck!



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        The irony is my script didn't even make the first round of the Nichols. In fact, when I complained and posted my script in the forum afterwards everyone told me it sucked.

        More later ...


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          congrats! And I hope a nice check comes with the contract :)
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            Just looking out for you:

            What was the extension of the email? Was it [at] or something like that?
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              Here's the first email. I've blocked out the relevant stuff:

              Good Afternoon Mr. xxxxxxx,
              I ran across your script, "XXXXXXXXXX" on Simply scripts.
              I'm an executive producer in Los Angeles, and I'm looking for interesting projects.
              This one caught my eye.
              Please let me know, is the script for sale? Have you alreaady sold it, is it in production?
              If it's available, I'd like to begin with discussing an option.
              Please feel free to contact me any time at: 232-xxx-xxxx.
              Executive Producer
              FreeFall Entertainment LLC UNIVERSAL STUDIOS 10 Universal City Plaza Tower 20th FloorUniversal City, California 91608

              ================================================== ========

              I emailed her my telephone and she called me Friday. We were on the phone for about 30 minutes. I asked her how much money should I expect, she said $200,000. I'm not sure if she meant the sale price or option -- dumb of me I know, but I was real excited. I asked her when I would see the $200,000, she said early January.

              I told her I was thinking about changing the name of the script and she told me, no -- her team loved the name. She then said she thought my script was more witty than "Shakespeare in Love" which won four Oscars. She said I have a real talent for "light comedy."

              I've since done some checking and there are photos of her at Universal productions. On another site she's listed as being associated with about six big movies, two of which are Disney Productions.

              Proof of the pudding will be tomorrow. She said she'd email me the option contract by then.

              We'll see.
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                Always remain skeptical until that money is in your account


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                  Gotcha, well the good news is typically only legit companies are allowed into the tower and on the lot, which helps filter out the bad ones. I wouldn't call it bad new, but the bad news is that is not any affiliation with Universal Studios it is just a company that is renting the office space.

                  For example, my LA office is located at

                  100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City. You actually have to drive into the backlot to our offices, but we are not affiliated with Universal Studios, as a matter of fact if we were to say that we were then we would get kicked off the property.

                  Find out the company name and do your "do diligence" in research and press forward :)
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                    I hear you, brother, and I've been trying to find a flaw in this thing somewhere, but can't.

                    First off, I know the script is exceptionally good. It's a romantic comedy that's endlessly witty. And then it's a tremendous story, one that harkens back to the great stories like "Gone with the Wind" and something by Dickens. It's not hard for me to visualize what went down when her people read it: They'd have thought "Wow -- this is one in a million!

                    I'm 60 years old. I've masted all the screenwriting crap. I read all the books 20 years ago. I know Lindga Seger's book by heart. I've read 100 screenplays -- all the romantic comedies out there, and none comes close to the magic I create.

                    So forth and so on...


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                      Yeah, that's pretty much what I concluded -- that whoever they are, they rent space in the Tower and use "Universal Studio" in their name because of it.


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                        You want "due diligence" you got it...

                        She's a Executive Producer at Mednick Productions --

                        Who's Mednick Productions? -- take a gander:




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                          If I get the option contract tomorrow as promised, sign it, and email it back, how soon do I get a check?


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                            Wow I hope this is legit. Congrats Gary.


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                              I'd suggest having a lawyer take a look at the contract for your wellbeing.