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  • Cost To Hire A More Known Actress

    Hi guys,

    I'm new here :)

    I would like to hire a 'more known' film actress for my independent film. I would need to hire her for at least 5 days. Can someone please give me a rough idea what I should expect to pay? If I wanted to hire someone like Haley Webb or Carly Pope (for example), what could their prices be?

    Hope someone can help ;)

    Thanks guys!

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    5 figures


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      Originally posted by Mick Scarborough View Post
      5 figures
      Certainly - but how far between 5 & 6 figures is tough to say.

      If you can swing the money, you're going to need a way to get your script in front of the actress, and convince her (and first, her agent) that she should do the project. Usually this requires a casting director with the right connections (e.g. to the agent/agency), which will cost you additional money.

      I'm not saying that you can't do it, just that there are other considerations beyond simply how much the actress herself needs to be paid.
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        Thanks Mick Scarborough and mara for your help.


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          Ill chime in on this once i get to the office
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            I look forward to your answer Nick.


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              There are so many variables in this. I have a small clue because I am surrounded by one of the largest independent production companies in the US at work (We share the same office)

              #1 If you happen to have connections with people and the talent lovers the script then you can get high B some low A list talent for SAG minimums.

              #2 If you are a complete stranger then there is a good chance you can pay tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars for the talent.

              #3 You script is good and you have the money in the bank. The economy is not so good and people want work, hold your ground and you can get some sellable names for SAG minimums.
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                What Nick Said.

                I would add, that make sure that the names you hire can help you get distribution. You wouldn't want to over pay for a name actor who buyers don't care about, this happens quite often actually.

                If you don't have any connections, I would also highly suggest that you hire a Casting Director, who not only has the connections, but will be able to give you a list of names who might be gettable in your budget range, and those who are not. A professional casting agent isn't as expensive as you might think, especially if they are only used to cast one or two roles.

                If the script is really, truely good, then start off by offering scale + 10%, and go up to double scale if needed, anything above that you need to be sure that the names are truly worth it.

                Also remember that there are certain expenditures you can't escape, such as paying SAG P&H (which is I believe around 16,8% of the fee you pay the actor), ground transportation for the star (limousine or a towncar), if the shoot is out of state for the actor, then you have to pay for airfare and hotel, and most likely the actor will be expecting to be paid for all travel days as well, some actors will demand a personal trailer, some will do with a private room, some will want high end catering, some may want you to hire their personal hair and make-up persons, some may be high maintenance, some may be very easygoing.
                Bottom line is, even though it might be a low budget film, and even though they might get paid scale, they still want to be treated like a star. ;)
                Not all of them of course.

                Of course if your script is a typical Action/horror/sci-fi with mediocre writing, and it's obvious to the star and their representatives that you are only hiring them to use their name to get distribution, then they want to get paid accordingly, and you can forget about scale.

                Remember, actors like to work, and they like great characters and great scripts, maybe even characters that are out of their comfort zone, after all very few want to get typecasted.
                Offer those, and money will be the last thing on their minds.

                It is very hard though, if you are an unknown with no track record and no connections (not saying that you are OP, since I don't know you).

                But in any case, good luck! :)


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                  Thanks Nick and OffMindEnt for your help. Great advice from you guys, so now I can move things to the next stage!


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                    FM1 great question, I needed to know this as well. Thanks for joining.