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Hello. I'm a composer and a bit of a writer.

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  • Hello. I'm a composer and a bit of a writer.

    Hi everyone. I am a composer. I work with a few smaller production companies locally as well as some ad agencies. I have been composing to visual media for about ten years now. I can write and produce musical scores in a variety of styles. Like many these days, I have the ability to produce a completely electronic or virtual score with virtual instruments, electronics, samplers, synthesizers, etc. my favorite is probably writing in an orchestral setting. I have some of the best tools available for this type of work. I have references and demos. For a quick listen to a variety of my work, please checkout my soundcloud page. I can't post a link yet (forum rules) but you can search my name on soundcloud and find me.

    I am also trying my hand at film making now. I have written a screenplay which is scheduled to be shot as a short film next fall. I have a lot to learn about the process but I'm really looking forward to learning :).

    If I can help anyone out with a project or if you have any questions that I might be able to answer with my knowledge, please feel free to ask. I'm also on Facebook if anyone wants to discuss projects that way.

    Looking forward to being apart of this community.

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    Never a day's rest.


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      Welcome to the forum!



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          Greetings from FMF! This is the place to find free advice about your work. I'm a writer and composer and our friendly members give all of us support. Good luck!
          L A Morgan
          Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music