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Hello! Just want to introduce myself

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  • Hello! Just want to introduce myself

    Hello all!

    I just found this forum this morning, and signed up immediately. I'm very excited to become a part of the community and hopefully learn a lot from all of you wonderful people!

    I am an American living in Sweden and the owner of a small creative writing and editing company. I also do some voice acting from time to time for several video games. I have been involved in theater, in just about all capacities since I was ten years old, and though entertaining was always my passion, as life would have it, my artistic goals were supplanted by the necessity to earn a pay check and find something "useful" to do that would bring in that pay check. So, now, after so many years of denying myself the true joy I've always wanted to follow, I'm just throwing caution to the wind and I'm going for it.

    I'm just in the earliest stages of learning all the stuff I want to know about how to make movies, but I'm determined and extremely excited to get started with it.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and absorbing the vast amount of information, then eventually lending my own expertise to the newcomers here.

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    Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask us any questions you have and we will try to answer them!



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      Welcome to forum!


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        Welcome :)~


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          Welcome! Please stick around. :)