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  • My First Feature

    This small teaser is nothing like what the official trailer will be, this is just a few tidbits of what to expect.

    Let me know what you think.

    Enjoy. :)

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    JHar888 looking good man, havn't seen you around here much can't wait to watch the rest!


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      Looks good! The text isn't on for long enough every time though, just a note for the actual trailer.



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        Thanks for the kind words so far. Yeah, the text isn't quite perfect, nor is the teaser itself, that was just a small teaser the director/editor put together basically just to introduce the film's antagonist. We should have an official trailer soon, but first, we're focusing on completing the post-production sound.

        I cannot wait for everyone to see the film in its entirety. It's really amazing what such a small crew did, especially with such limited resources.

        Despite the fact that the sound is incomplete, we submitted the film to Screamfest and are looking at other festivals to submit the film to at the moment. Luckily, Screamfest accepts films that aren't fully complete as far as audio/sound design/music score go, as long as the film will be finalized by, I think, October 3rd, though I may be mistaken. We will definitely have our film ready in the next two weeks, so for now, we're just putting the finishing touches on this thing and waiting to find out if we got accepted or not. Wish us luck! :)


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          Alright my man!! Looking forward to seeing the next trailer and full feature.


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            Please, keep us updated!
            "Nobody knows anything"


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              ^ Will do!


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                We're still working on the sound design. There are going to be some BRUTAL sound effects during the kill scenes.

                The opening credits sequence is finished as well, and looks pretty great.

                This is coming along nicely.


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                    Originally posted by Director View Post
                    HA!!! I friggin' love the title "Loon". That's really great. Plus, I'm giving you extra credit for now having your production logo run for 30 seconds at the beginning. Man, that irritates the living shit out of me when people do that.

                    Thanks for sharing
                    What the hell?


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                      Hey Director, I'd like to hear your reasoning behind the anger you expressed when responding.

                      Rather than being professional, and offering constructive criticism, you responded in a very smartass-y manner.

                      From your other posts, I see you just recently completed a feature. Perhaps you're just upset that it didn't turn out so well.

                      Or maybe you're just scared of clowns. ;)

                      Either way, I'd love to get a better understanding as to why you responded in such a harsh manner. Are you drunk by any chance?


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                        Good Luck!


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                          ^ Thanks!


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                            Last edited by Director; 08-08-2013, 10:17 AM.


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                              You were uhh, clearly being sarcastic, and the statement that followed was just plain rude in a non-sarcastic manner.

                              But it's all good, no hard feelings. I'll just keep on trying to make solid films, whether you or anyone else appreciates it or not.